Is the fear of public speaking killing your potential?

5 February 2019 Karyn Bowering

The Fear of public speaking is the biggest killer of your potential

I am convinced of it

Because let’s not beat around the bush

If you want to progress in your career

If you want to thrive in your business

Or make a real difference in the world

Then you have to speak to those interesting and influential people who can help and support you to achieve those things

Don’t you?

Because whether you are speaking at an interview, conference, meeting, workshop, social or networking event

In order to really connect with those people who can help you be the best you can possibly be

You have to open your mouth and let them hear the real you

You have to compose yourself enough to tell them what you uniquely have to offer

And you have to somehow pluck up the courage to speak from your heart and express your ideas-no matter what some people might think of you

But yet what if you can’t?

What if you are like the thousands of other people out there who are too afraid to speak?

What if you get so caught up in trying NOT to be anxious-that in that important moment- you end up feeling more anxious than ever?

And what if you are one of those capable and passionate people who are not getting the brakes you deserve- and seeing other people get- because your nerves keep getting the better of you?

What then?

What happens after you have tried all the techniques and followed all of the good and well intentioned advice…

To embrace the fear, to breathe, to just let go, to repeatedly face your fears and re-focus your attention on the prize and what you are wanting to say

What happens when all these great efforts to control or let go of your fear continue to outweigh the results you are getting?

And you continue to waste your potential? What then?

I can help you overcome this fear.

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