Confidence/Self Esteem

Real confidence comes from a quiet place deep inside of you. Its foundations are love, acceptance and understanding of your own abilities, your own intrinsic values, and unique qualities and attributes. And when these foundations of true inner confidence are so strong, they are not dependent on the approval or validation from others just as they do not waver or become crushed by any criticism or rejection from others.

It is a true confidence that allows you to live more successfully in all aspects of life and in all the ways that are meaningful to you, in your career, relationships, health, hobbies. It just makes life easier, more enjoyable, more fulfilling.

Although many people struggle with low confidence or low self-esteem, they are problems that are not genetically inherited. Low self esteem or issues with self-confidence are the consequence of past experiences that have left you doubting your adequacy and worthiness. No-one was born with feelings of inadequacy because that is your birth right. It has everything to do with conditioning, it is something that you have learned and has its roots in the programming of the subconscious mind.
My advanced hypnotherapy process is specifically designed to help free you of that old emotional baggage so that you can stop repeating old out of date patterns and open your life to new possibilities. Because when you learn to genuinely like and respect yourself, when you have this true unshakable confidence it naturally elevates all aspects of your life. My advanced hypnosis aims to help you achieve rapid, effective and lasting results.


Fear itself is an emotion that is hard wired inside all of us. Fear is good. We all need fear to keep us alive and safe because in times of real danger it is there to motivate us to act. And so, fear is helpful and has probably kept you out of harm’s way countless amounts of times in your life.
Anxiety on the other hand are the feelings that you get long after any perceived danger has passed. So, anxiety exists inside of you even though there is no real threat or real danger to act upon. And although it would probably be unrealistic to think we could all coast through life without ever feeling any semblance of anxiety: if you are existing in a relentless state of anxiety, if your life is being limited in some big or small way -because of these anxious feelings, then you should and you can do something about it. You can resolve those old irrational feelings once and for all so that you can live your life more fully and freely the way it was always intended

Some forms of anxiety are called phobias and are usually characterised by the intensity of the anxiety you experience, that is out of all proportion to the situation or object that is triggering it. People can be phobic toward almost anything from animals to aeroplanes, spiders to speaking, heights to hospitals and the list goes on because there are over 500 recognised phobias. All of them intense, irrational and triggered when there is no real danger present and so serving no genuinely useful purpose for you.

Some of the more common phobias that I have seen include: Agoraphobia Claustrophobia Dental and Hospital phobia Fear of Being Sick Fear of Blood Fear of Dogs Fear of Driving Fear of Dying Fear of Flying Fear of Heights Fear of Needles Fear of Public Speaking Fear of Spiders Fear of the Frost
Whatever the phobia may be that you are struggling with you are certainly not alone and rest assured that you can overcome it. You were not born with a phobia. It is something that you acquired or learned. And so, it is also something that you can unacquire and unlearn. My job is helping you to achieve this quickly and effectively so that you are free to live your life more fully.
Because if you have lived with anxiety for a long time you probably already know about the body’s fight and flight response. You may have been taught this many times if you have engaged in traditional Talking Therapy. You may already know or have been told that these feelings you get when you feel really anxious or panicky are ‘just anxiety’, your body’s natural stress response. Feelings that are falsely warning you of danger. Just as you probably understand in the reasonable, rational part of your mind that going outside your home is not going to kill you. You know the worrying thoughts on repeat in your head about what might go wrong in the future are probably not going to happen. You know that being in a social situation, even if you don’t know what to say or someone criticises you, you know none of that is going to really harm you. You are probably already aware that these overwhelming feelings or thoughts are not helpful; you know they are not rational; you can see they are not actionable… Yet all this surface knowledge and understanding about the mechanics of anxiety doesn’t stop you from experiencing it anyway. And so naturally you repeat the same safety seeking or avoidant behaviours. You instinctively repeat the same unhelpful patterns in your life that provide a sense of safety and security. Because after all we always do anything for a reason. Yet what you will also be aware of is that those patterns are also keeping you stuck, or small, you may feel trapped and limited in your life.
It may even have reached the point that as you have been struggling to overcome excessive overwhelming anxiety in the form of panic attacks, uncontrollable worrying, irrepressible health anxiety, social anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, or intrusive thoughts that you have begun feeling frustrated or even depressed as your hopes for positive change in your life started to run out of steam.

My work as a hypnotherapist is to help you to resolve old feelings from the past that are driving anxiety in the present. Because although we often think of anxiety as being something we are fearing about the future- anxiety is always about the past. Anxiety is about what has already happened in your life. Anxiety is triggered in your present when it resonates with something similar that was significant to you in your past.

If you have been living with anxiety for a long time it is likely that you have tried lots of things to manage it, to distract away, or to stop those feelings from interfering in your life. And maybe you have had some limited or short-lived success with this. Because feelings exist for a reason and they have a habit of popping up one way or another so that they can be resolved, no matter how much you try to deny away or distract from them. And if you are visiting this page and are like the majority of my clients you have probably tried everything else and may see working with me as your final option for success. Which always makes success even sweeter and more rewarding for me and the clients who I have had the pleasure of working with.

My job is to work with you to help you to neutralise those old feelings so that you can be free of that old emotional baggage and live a life that is easier, more successful, more rewarding, more fulfilling. My job using advanced hypnosis with powerful, modern techniques and many years expertise in the field of mental health is to help you achieve rapid, deep and lasting results.


I can help you quit smoking in as little as two sessions without gaining weight. How long will depend on your experience of trying to quit in the past. If you have managed to stop smoking for a period before, with relative ease, I can help you quit in as little as two sessions. If on the other hand the experience of not smoking left you feeling so excruciatingly irritable that people around you were running for cover or encouraging you to start again, it is likely that more sessions are needed to take care of old emotional drivers to the habit.

Before working together, I would be asking these types of questions and always be transparent in my reasoning for the length of our work together. My aim is always fast, effective and lasting results.

Hypnosis works, even when everything else has failed. So, if you have tried stopping in the past without success. Even if you have tried hypnosis before, hypnosis with me could be a very different experience for you and be exactly what you need.
Because you already know the reasons why you want to quit, why you need to quit smoking. To take better care of your health. To enjoy the freedom and multiple benefits of being a non-smoker for good.

Stop smoking without gaining weight.
It doesn’t make sense to trade in one unhealthy habit for another, and I often hear concerns from new clients that quitting will lead them to gain weight. For some clients gaining weight is something that did happen when stopping in the past.

Stop smoking for good with hypnosis
The advanced hypnosis process that I use is specifically designed to get to the source of the problem, so that you can resolve any out-of-date beliefs and unresolved feelings that can often be driving the most stubborn of habits -so there is no need for you to replace one habit with another.

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Hypnosis can be very effective at treating drug and alcohol issues, even when everything else has failed. Even if you have already tried hypnosis before without the success you were hoping for my approach to helping you resolve drug and alcohol misuse may be very different and help you reach your goals with lasting results.

Why you want to take back control.

Because you are already aware of the many good reasons for you, why you want to quit. Just as you are already aware of the multiple benefits for you, of taking back control of your life.

What is different?

The reason why the hypnosis process I deliver can work so well and provide the lasting results you are looking for is that it aims to help you uncover and resolve underlying emotional issues that are often driving stubborn habits against your best intentions and wisdom. Becoming a selective and moderate drinker is also something we could explore if you don’t want to stop drinking altogether.

Sessions are confidential. Non-judgemental and are individualized to your needs and goals.


Hypnosis is a natural, safe, and effective approach to weight loss because there are no pills and no need for strict diets. The changes you can make using the approach and process that I deliver are aimed at helping you to change your relationship with food and feel good from the inside-out. To live a more satisfying and fulfilling life, that does not revolve around food.

Hypnosis for weight loss with me will be tailored to your individual needs and be geared at gaining a clear understanding of the beliefs and behaviours that are maintaining any unhealthy eating habits. We will also explore the following areas:

• Your activity levels.

• Your eating habits.

• Your emotional health.

• Any distracting behaviours.

• Stress and any other issues that are contributing to your overall well-being.

My approach to weight loss is natural, safe, and effective.

Based on experience and training, my approach to helping you lose weight begins with a careful assessment of your current habits and how you feel inside. Why? Because when you feel great on the inside you are much more likely to choose healthy eating options without even thinking about it. When you feel good about yourself and update any old unhelpful beliefs about food that have been reinforcing unhealthy eating patterns the changes you can make can become easier than you ever imagined possible.

Because wouldn’t it be nice to not think so much about food? To stop obsessing over calories, to stop weighing yourself so often? What would it be like to feel genuinely good about yourself while changing your relationship with food for the better and naturally losing the weight you desire?

Weight loss is one of the most common complaints.

I learned quickly, back when I was starting out, newly trained and talking to everyone and anyone about hypnosis that weight loss was a really common issue that people wanted help with. So often people would ask me in a jokey, sometimes embarrassed way if I could help them lose weight, often telling me they had tried everything else with little or limited success. It also became apparent from experience that delivering simple practical suggestions or limiting hypnosis to behavioural changes was often not going to cut the mustard for quick yet deep and lasting results.

Why hypnosis for weight loss with me is different?

Most weight loss programs of any kind do not address one really important aspect of Why you began this unhealthy eating pattern in the first place. Or Why you are struggling to break this pattern even when it is evident that your health and happiness are being compromised.

What is this important aspect that is generally ignored in weight loss programmes?

It is the underlying emotional source and unhelpful beliefs that are stored in the subconscious feeling part of your mind that drive unhealthy eating habits such as:

Eating too much.

Eating the wrong kinds of food.

Eating too often.

Or the unhelpful beliefs that can sustain eating habits, such as

You need to clear your plate.

Food is love.

Food will make you feel better.

Beliefs that cause you to persist in those unhealthy eating patterns no matter how much that conscious, rational, reasonable, will power, thinking part of your mind is telling you to resist, to stop eating in that old way or to make healthier food choices.

Because anything you do you do for a reason and when we uncover the why, any behaviour good, bad or indifferent always makes complete sense.

My job working with you is to help you uncover and resolve any unhelpful beliefs or unresolved feelings that are keeping you eating in that old way, so that you can make deep and lasting changes from the inside out.

Using this inside-out approach then makes it so much easier for you to make those behavioural changes. To change your relationship with food that allows you to achieve what you really came for. To be and do the things in your personal or professional life that make you feel more fulfilled and feel more fully satisfied. Because you know that no amount of food will ever allow you to achieve that.


If you suffer from jaw pain, teeth grinding, or bruxism hypnosis can help.

Because how good would it feel to experience relief from the daytime or night-time grinding and stress. that may be causing you pain in your jaw, neck, shoulder or other parts of your body and be getting in the way of you living your life to the full.Hypnosis can help no matter how long you have been suffering.

Hypnosis can be very effective at helping you to alleviate stress and unconscious or conscious grinding that is causing this unwanted problem to persist, no matter how long you have been experiencing it.



If you are dealing with painful past experiences you will know how much they can impact on your everyday living. How unresolved memories of painful events can take their toll on your mental well-being, daily functioning and even lead to a sense of hopelessness.

Whether these experiences are related to childhood abuse, single traumatic events or experiences in your life that made you think something bad was going to happen or that you were not good enough-hypnosis can help you make sense of such events and help you move forward so that you can begin enjoying your life again more peacefully in the present.

Although it is impossible to erase memories, hypnosis with me can help you think and feel different about that event. So that you may still recall a painful experience, you know it happened, yet it becomes information, devoid of that old pain and free of those unhelpful beliefs, so that you can begin leaving that painful experience behind you and live your life more fully.
Regular amounts of good quality sleep are at the heart of good health and healing. Lack of regular, good quality sleep can play a big part in causing or compounding stress in the body or drive unhealthy behaviors such as eating or drinking too much. Ongoing issues with sleep can even begin to take their toll on a person’s mental health and lead to feelings of frustration, even depression when a person suffering begins to experience a sense of hopelessness.

But if you have been experiencing ongoing problems with sleep this is probably not news to you. If you are also like other people who seek out hypnosis to resolve this sleep issue you have also probably tried everything else and have exhausted all other options.

Whether you have been struggling to get to sleep, have been waking and struggling to get back to sleep or failing to get a deep enough or good quality of sleep, whatever your experience- hypnosis could help you with your sleep problem so that you can begin falling asleep more quickly, staying asleep throughout the night and begin waking up feeling more refreshed and ready to begin your day. I say this because I have benefited personally when experiencing sleep issues of my own and have helped many clients overcome sleep issues with the use of hypnosis.
It is becoming more and more recognized that stress is a big problem in our society. Left unchecked it can have a negative, sometimes devastating impact on your health and at best be a drain on your happiness.

Stress put simply comes from what we think of as negative emotions that you can feel in your body, like fear, sadness, loneliness, guilt, boredom and anger.

These emotions come from two different places:
External stress that is generated from your perceptions and response to things that are going on in your life. Negative perceptions like someone or something has been unfair; something bad is likely to happen or that something has been your fault, that there is something wrong with you.

Internal stress that comes from inside of you from emotions that were generated in the past and are not yet resolved. Stored for you by the subconscious feeling part of your mind until a time you are ready to deal with them And this is good and makes sense.

Because have you ever had the experience of being too angry, or too scared, or too sad? Feelings that might have felt irrational, inappropriate or excessive to the actual situation. In such situations, what you are experiencing is something in your present that is triggering old unresolved feelings or emotional memories from the past. So, you may feel angry, or sad, or fearful or guilty about what is happening right now, plus the energy from the unresolved feelings of the past. This is all stress on your mind and body.
It is estimated that around 30 percent of children and about 15 percent of adults bite their nails and is something that often starts in early childhood. Nail biting is one of the most common habits that I see and a habit that I had as a child that I stopped with the use of hypnosis many years ago.

Most people I have worked with had been biting their nail for many years. Many had also tried to stop many times, some using various creative methods and concoctions to deter them from repeating what can sometimes be a painful and embarrassing habit.
My advanced hypnosis can help you stop biting your nails and allow them to grow, be healthy and be proud.