Why is it when you have been so determined and ready to quit a habit or leave behind an unwanted experience do you persist in doing it or experiencing it anyway, as if it is on repeat? Why is it when you have learned all the techniques and you fully grasp the benefits of leaving those negative experiences behind do you continue to find it so hard to let them go?

Why would you appear to sabotage your own progress or health or not have the willpower or strength to do what you set out to do?

Because like all of us, it has probably been hard for you to change a behavior or internal experience that has gotten in the way of you being and doing your very best- change that deep down you know you are capable of?

I know I have certainly been there and I know from experience that this can be so confusing, frustrating and demoralizing.

One common reason for such inconsistencies is that your life time pool of information that is stored in your subconscious mind often needs updating. Because if you are like most people this information can include emotional baggage which in times of stress can resurface and cause you do, think and feel things you may have thought you had overcome or outgrown. Sometimes without retraining this part of the brain it can be almost impossible for you to move forward with any lasting impact.

Take the client who had tried every technique under the sun to overcome her performance anxiety. She learned that she mustn’t avoid and face what she feared-so she faced her fears many times over. She learned to breathe; visualise; use affirmations and readily questioned the negative thoughts about herself and the experiences that she found deeply uncomfortable.

Yet despite all of this the same old deep seated insecurities and overwhelming fears of being judged and rejected would return to bite her on the backside. And these fears caused her a lot of grief; so much hard work; affected her performance and really stole the joy from so many experiences that could really have been enjoyable.

And I know this person very well because this person used to be me before a hypnotherapist helped me to let go of my pointless baggage from the past that I had been lugging around with me for far too long. And the extremely quick, simple and painless process has given me an indescribable sense of freedom to finally express myself to anyone, anywhere without those feelings of crippling anxiety.

Hypnotherapy with me

Using my quick and effective hypnotherapy process I can help you to:

Re-program your subconscious
Shed emotional baggage; limiting beliefs and old habits that may have been holding you back for far too long
Rediscover natural inner resources that are already there inside you
Become further connected with your true authentic self-so that you feel lighter, happier and more alive

How long?

‘Hypnotherapy is a powerful yet brief therapy compared to other traditional types of treatments as it focuses on resolving issues in the powerful Subconscious feeling part of the mind. Even with more complex issues, you really do not need endless amounts of sessions, exploration or discussion to achieve real lasting results.’

Benefits of Hypnotherphy

Fears & Phobias

Stress Management


Hair Pulling-Trichotillomania



Stop Smoking

Unhealthy Eating Habits

Drugs, Alcohol, Any Distracting Behaviors



Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Sleep Problems

Chronic Pain Management

1:1 Hypnotherapy Sessions

  • 60-90mins

My hypnosis work often focuses on getting to the root cause and resolving stubborn issues or habits for deep and lasting results. I am interested in helping you to resolve rather than manage difficulties

So much so that by the end of our work together many of my clients report enjoying even wider benefits than what they came to achieve… for example noticeable improvements in confidence and general well-being, which can make all the difference to a happier and more successful life’.

Should you wish to cancel or reschedule any of your reserved appointments with us we do require at least (2) working days notice in order to avoid cancellation charges which covers one session fee.

The great majority of people who enter treatment with Karyn achieve genuine and lasting results and will only be seen if she feels there is a very good chance of a successful outcome. However as with all therapeutic approaches there is no guarantee of success for every single client. Any therapist who claims otherwise is being less than honest.

The truth about hypnotherapy and the trance state:

It does not involve you going into a deep sleep. You will be aware of what is going on and fully aware of your surroundings. You will not be asked to do anything outside of your own value system that you would not ordinarily do. You can be sceptical and questioning but you do need a willingness and openness for change to take place Hypnosis is a natural state of the mind. If you are like me you are likely to wonder when the hypnosis is going to begin, because it will feel that normal.