Why Hypnotherapy?

Because it really works When everything else has failed. Bold but true.

Because more often than not Clients who reach out to me have exhausted all other options. They come to me as their last resort They see me as their very last hope

Which always makes the change we achieve together extra special. I deliver advanced hypnotherapy using modern techniques that aim to help you uncover the source of the problem you wish to solve

So whether this is an unwanted habit, stubborn emotional difficulty or relationship issue the hypnotherapy that I offer aims to help you reach a quick, totally effective and lasting solution

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My name is Karyn Bowering and I live near Durham in the North East of England with my partner and daughter.

I consider my work as a hypnotherapist a great privilege and continue to feel great satisfaction from the connections and amazing changes that I help make through this work.

I was initially drawn to hypnotherapy after a brilliant hypnotherapist was recommended to me many years ago. I was blown away by his ‘effortless’ skills and of course the super ‘speed’ and ‘accuracy’ of results that helped me to easily quit smoking and finally leave behind anxieties and insecurities that had been holding me back for such a long time. And from that moment I knew that I wanted to learn and master the skills of a hypnotherapist myself so that I could share this process with others, so that they too could benefit.

And to be honest I am still a little awed and amazed each time I help a client reach their life changing goals, often ones they have been trying to overcome for years, in such an easy and effortless way.

Feel Good From the Inside-Out

Many people who come to use my service do so quite sceptically or as a last resort after trying many other things. They often come desperately wanting to quit addictive habits like smoking or over eating. Habits that they know are damaging to their health and happiness.

They come struggling against debilitating fears and phobias that they know are stopping them from being and doing everything that they want in their lives. They come wanting to feel better; sleep better; to get the job promotion; feel good in their relationships and speak freely infront of anyone. And very often, after our time together they tell me quite frankly how amazed-even puzzled-they are at the speed and accuracy of the results that have been achieved. Almost as if there has been some kind of illusion taking place. And as much as I often share their joy and amazement I can re-assure my clients that their achievements are very real. I can also assure my clients that there is one central, guiding principle from which all of the work I do as a change facilitator flows.

"And what is this guiding principle?"

It is that each and every individual I work with already has all of the answers they need to solve all of the problems they wish to solve in their lives. It is as simple and powerful as that. And as a change facilitator I am simply helping individuals to reconnect with their own inner  resourcefulness. Because when you relearn how to feel good from the inside-out anything becomes possible, doesn’t it?

"What are my clients saying?"

Keeley Lewandowsi

Keeley Lewandowsi

In terms of hypnotherapy I was extremely open minded. I had one session to help with my overwhelming and crippling fear of interviews and wanted to be confident and calm. Karyn was extremely professional, calm and helpful, talking me through the whole process and explaining everything. After one session my fears were allayed and I found I could just cope with the interview and was better able to manage my fears so that I could represent myself to the fullest extent without lapsing into an embarrassed pause, stuttering, mumbling and forgetting my train of thought. I was so much more relaxed and better equipped. Karyn was there to answer any possible queries after the session. I would definitely recommend Karyn’s sessions.

Anna Freeland

Anna Freeland

Sitting exams in a room full of people and speaking infront of people was something I’d struggled with for a long time. Since the hypnotherapy with you I have sat my exams without feeling any crippling fear or needing to sit in a different room. I feel much more relaxed and confident around people and am hopefully going to University now this year-something I questioned I could do before and was thinking of putting off. Your help has been amazing. Thank you.

Kelly Smart

Kelly Smart

I had been trying to give up smoking for many years and managed this on and off for short periods of time before going back to the drawing board. I tried hypnotherapy, quite sceptically and was amazed that after just one hypnotherapy session I am now a non-smoker! To be honest I really didn’t expect it to be so easy! I am able to go into social situations and cope with a stressful day without obsessing over the need for a cigarette and feel so much healthier for it. I was and am still amazed! I would recommend Karyn’s sessions to anyone that is serious about wanting to give up smoking.

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