Fear Versus Anxiety

5 March 2019 Karyn Bowering

Fear and anxiety are words that are often used interchangeably as if they mean the same thing

And although they do share some similarities

There is one crucial difference


Is meant to be short lived
It is not meant to last long
And is supposed to stop as soon as its motivated you into dealing with the immediate danger it’s just alerted you to


on the other hand persists after the stressor has passed
It lingers often when there is no logical reason for it to be lingering

And so FEAR has a logical reason to exist

It is your built in survival system
That is entirely useful to you

Whereas ANXIETY exists beyond logic

It is irrational
And is – more or less- useless to you

Because although you may think of anxiety being about the future

In every single instance Anxiety exists because of a fear of the future that is based on information from your past

Information that you have been storing in your subconscious feeling mind in the form of emotional memories and attached beliefs from the very beginning of your existence

Information that can often be faulty, based on misperception and be in need of an update

And information that when triggered can easily overpower the rational conscious thinking part of your mind

That can have you stuck in an anxiety cycle that has you feeling like you are fighting against yourself and your best efforts to overcome it

…….And the thing that I have discovered in my work as a hypnotherapist using the advanced techniques that I use- is that

You don’t have to be stuck in that anxiety cycle

You don’t have to be a slave to those old feelings that have you repeating the same old habits that you really want to quit

Just as you don’t have to settle for trying to manage or cope with those feelings

Because if you are someone who is struggling with feelings of anxiety

And if you know that those feelings are getting in the way of you living your life to the fullest

And you are not sure what to do about it

Then the systematic and advanced hypnotherapy approach and the powerful techniques that I deliver could really help you to achieve the quick, profound and lasting results that you have been looking for

An approach that can help you to communicate directly with your powerful subconscious feeling mind

So that you can resolve old emotional baggage, let go of old irrational anxiety and bring your mind up to date with who you really are

So that you can begin enjoying your life more peacefully and more joyfully the way it was always meant to be

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